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April 18-20, 2018

Health Evolution CONNECT

Welcome to Health Evolution Connect. The 2018 HE Connect app is designed to help you make the most of your Summit experience. With the app, you can connect with other Summit participants who share your focus on shaping the future of health. Continue reading for instructions on how to download the app.

Please Note:This year we have a brand new app. You will need to download our new App: “Health Evolution Connect. If you have the SummitConnect app from past years, please delete that app as it is obsolete. All new information will be uploaded into the new Health Evolution Connect app.

Download. To download, use your device to follow the instructions in your Health Evolution Connect invitation email or search in App Store or Google Play for “Health Evolution Connect” and follow these instructions:

  1. Tap on the “Health Evolution Connect” icon to install, and open the app when it has downloaded.
  2. Tap Download on the event “2018 Health Evolution Summit
  3. Enter the event code 2018Connect and tap Download event
  4. To access participant info, log in by clicking on the menu in the upper left corner above the Summit logo.

Your Information. You and your company are presented in Health Evolution Connect based on the information you provided in registration. If you would like to change the way you, your company, or your company’s categorization are listed in the app, please email with any changes by April 3 for consideration.

A Note on Privacy. Information in the Health Evolution Connect app is strictly confidential and intended for the Summit community only. The Summit team will take all reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized disclosure and requests that you not provide access to anyone not participating in the Summit.

Access for Your Team. If you would like a member of your team to help identify target participants for you to meet, they can visit Health Evolution Connect online ( and follow these steps:

  1. Enter event code: 2018Connect and click “Access Event”
  2. Click “Log In” and enter your executive’s name. If prompted, enter the email address they registered with and click “Next”
  3. Enter the 4-digit Verification Code that will be emailed to the email address they registered with and choose “Verify”

Questions? Email us at

Log In

  • Tap HE Connect icon to open the app
  • Tap on the 2018 Health Evolution Summit event and enter the event code 2018Connect
  • From the Event Guide screen, log in by clicking on the menu in the upper left corner above the Summit logo, and tap Log In for more features
  • Enter your first and last name. If prompted, enter the email address you registered with
  • CrowdCompass will email your 4-digit Verification Code to the email you registered with
  • Once you receive your 4-digit Verification Code, enter this code on the Log In screen and tap “Verify” to be fully log into the app

Connect With Participants

  • In main menu, tap on the Participants icon.
  • Select Participant Community
  • Tap on the participant’s name to see more information
  • Tap on the participant’s email address to send them a message

Bookmark Participants

  • To bookmark participants, tap the ribbon on their page.

View Bookmarked Participants

  • From the home screen, tap on the Participants icon, then “Bookmarked Participants”

Add Events To Schedule

  1. Tap on the Retreat Schedule icon to see all activities
  2. Tap “Add To Schedule” to add the event to your schedule.Please note that certain events are invite-only and/or require an additional fee. Please tap on each event for details before adding to your schedule. Please see Invitational Gatherings on the home screen for details.

Create Appointments

  1. Tap on the menu in the top left corner, then “My Schedule”.
  2. Tap on the plus sign in the top right corner, then enter appointment details.

Export Schedule

  • From the screen “My Schedule”, tap on the box icon in the upper right corner, then “OK”.

View on iPad

  • Health Evolution Connect is also available for download on your iPad or Android tablet