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Bias in, bias out: Responsible use of data to advance innovation and equity

June 28, 2022
Health Evolution Fellows outline why addressing bias in data is critical and seek input on a Trust Framework for using data responsibly.
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Moving from pilot to scale in digital health and home-based models of care

June 28, 2022
Health Evolution Fellows discuss the critical elements of scaling emerging technologies across the care continuum and into new care settings.
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Innovator CEO profile: Clarify Health’s Jean Drouin

June 22, 2022
Powered by Clarify Health Drouin discusses the company’s origin story, the accomplishments he’s most proud of as CEO and serving as a Switzerland between health plans, health systems and life…
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Applying Medicare Advantage lessons learned to commercial populations

June 20, 2022
Health Evolution Fellows discussed ways that CEOs can lead the transition to focus on cost, quality and experience of care as well as barriers to overcome.
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Lessons learned in advancing equity: Maternal health

June 16, 2022
Executives supporting the Health Equity Pledge virtually convened to share experiences and learnings in addressing maternal health disparities through a data-driven lens.
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How to improve consumer experience with digital strategies

June 1, 2022
Powered by CitiusTech At the 2022 Health Evolution Summit, executives discussed tactics leaders can use to leverage growing demand for digital health to improve both experience and outcomes for patients.
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The case for addressing climate change and health equity together

May 31, 2022
At the 2022 Health Evolution Summit, CEOs shared lessons learned from sustainability work and pandemic response that can be applied to the climate and equity crises as well.
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How mental health care and social determinants intersect

May 31, 2022
Health Evolution Fellows share their perspectives on bringing care to people experiencing homelessness, using housing to improve community health and the critical elements for integrating behavioral health and social determinants…
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Innovation and the competitive landscape for primary care: ‘We have to learn to disrupt ourselves’

May 31, 2022
CEOs discuss how primary care is changing, potential winners and losers, cross-industry advice they have for each other, and more.

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May 24, 2022
Thank you for your interest in Health Evolution Connect   We appreciate your patience as we review applications. You can send any questions to
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The next era of value-based care: Accelerating progress in the years ahead

May 24, 2022
As health care industry leaders look to the next phase of value-based care, success will require payers working with CMS and each other as well as providers becoming more involved…