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The Health Evolution Interview Series™ brings forward candid insights from the industry’s most influential leaders to catalyze improvement in health care. Executives, innovators, policymakers and investors who are all part of the rich Health Evolution community and who are deeply involved in the transformation of health use our Interview Series forum to share their insights and experience to activate leaders and inspire creative solutions to our industry’s most pressing challenges.

Latest Releases

Unlocking Technology for Medicaid

Sean Duffy

Co-Founder & CEO
Omada Health


Sean Duffy of Omada Health reveals how an optimized digital therapeutics platform can play in Medicaid care management.

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Building Value, Brick by Brick

Omar Ishrak

Chairman & CEO


Omar Ishrak of Medtronic illuminates his approach to expanding into increasingly complex outcomes-based payments.

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Value: The Partner is Key

Janice Nevin, MD

President & CEO
Christiana Care Health System


Janice Nevin of Christiana Care Health System candidly discusses the first difficult steps to transition from volume to value.

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Value: Interoperability Around “the Person”

Jeff Roe

President & CEO
Premera Blue Cross


Jeff Roe of Premera Blue Cross provides a payer’s view on innovative provider data tools to drive to value based care.

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The End Game of Data Liquidity

Kelly Cronin

Health Reform Coordinator
Department of Health and Human Services


Kelly Cronin of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology calls for partnerships to improve data liquidity.

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More Disruption Needed

Greg Simon



Greg Simon of Poliwogg postulates a fascinating and real investment movement to develop health as an asset class.

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Cadillac Tax Wake-up Call

Jay Gellert

President & CEO
Health Net, Inc.


Jay Gellert of Health Net focuses on the Cadillac tax wake-up call.

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The ACA Is a Game Changer

Steve Martin

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska


Steve Martin of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska addresses the ACA’s continuing effect.

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Healthcare Delivery Reform

Wright Lassiter, III

Henry Ford Health System


Wright Lassiter III of the Henry Ford Health System discusses system integration into communities through retooling of the economic engine.

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New Thinking for the Underserved

Sue Desmond-Hellmann, MD, MPH

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Sue Desmond-Hellmann of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, offers a perspective on global health ventures to address the incredible opportunity in underserved markets globally.

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Calling All Risk Takers

Thomas A. Scully

General Partner
Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe


Tom Scully of Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe comments as a past administrator of CMS.

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Economic Incentives for Collaboration

Dan Hilferty

President and CEO
Independence Blue Cross


Dan Hilferty of Independence Blue Cross discusses cooperation among Blues plans.

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Creating Headroom with Biosimilar

Tim Wentworth

Express Scripts


Tim Wentworth of Express Scripts discusses how biosimilars create headroom for innovation.

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