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The Health Evolution Interview Series™ brings forward candid insights from the industry’s most influential leaders to catalyze improvement in health care. Executives, innovators, policymakers and investors who are all part of the rich Health Evolution community and who are deeply involved in the transformation of health use our Interview Series forum to share their insights and experience to activate leaders and inspire creative solutions to our industry’s most pressing challenges.

Latest Releases

Opportunities to Create Optimism

Alexandra Drane + Chris Kay

Alexandra Drane and Chris Kay share their optimism to borrow successful approaches from the retail sector by applying engagement strategies to delight consumers and address unmet needs.

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Meeting People in Their Lives

Mark Ganz

Mark Ganz, President & CEO of Cambia Health Solutions, shares his vision to meet people in their lives to better understand their needs, challenges and what motivates them.

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Solving the Precision Medicine Puzzle

Gary Kurtzman + Ken Tarkoff

Gary Kurtzman and Ken Tarkoff illuminate the benefits of leveraging shared data and its impact on precision medicine.

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The State of Palliative Care

The Hon. William Frist, MD

The Honorable Bill Frist discusses the importance of a team-based approach to palliative care and key barriers to overcome in order to scale.

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The Key To Scaling Innovation

Busy Burr + Rob Coppedge + Will Morrow

Busy Burr of Humana, Rob Coppedge of Echo Health Ventures, and Will Morrow of HCA share their enthusiasm about the level of collaboration evident at the Corporate Venture Capital gathering at the Summit.

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The Rapid Customization of Patient Care

Steve Martin

Steve Martin, President & CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska, shares his personal experience with the gaps in transitional services across the healthcare continuum and his professional insight on how that is impacting costs.

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Integrated Data Warehouses = Improved Patient Care

August Calhoun + Penny Wheeler, MD

Penny Wheeler, President & CEO of Allina Health System and August Calhoun, SVP, Healthcare Services, Siemens Healthineers share their optimism around artificial intelligence allowing for the rapid customization of patient care.

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Investing in Health and Innovation

Esther Dyson

Esther Dyson explains how to shift thinking so health is regarded as an investment asset and the importance of investing in the health of a community over the long run.

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Investing in Health and Innovation

Casper de Clerq

Casper de Clerq discusses how Norwest evaluates new start ups, their focus on both short and long term returns and what factors impact their investment time horizon.

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Innovation To Connect To Consumers

Pat Geraghty + Brad Fluegel

Pat Geraghty of Guidewell and Florida Blue and Brad Fluegel of Walgreens Boots Alliance discuss innovation in engaging consumers and aligning financial incentives to adapt to a consumer-based marketplace.

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Driving Toward Consumer Centricity

Joseph Swedish

Joseph Swedish of Anthem, Inc. discusses key drivers that are disrupting the health care landscape and how Anthem is focusing on collaboration to meet the heightened expectations of consumers.

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Advancing Health Where We Live, Work and Play

Tom Zenty + Rebecca Onie

Tom Zenty of University Hospitals and Rebecca Onie of Health Leads share their perspectives on the addressing social determinants on both the micro and macro level.

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Advancing Connected Health for Seniors

Tim Lash + John Mattison, MD

John Mattison of Kaiser Permanente and Tim Lash, Successful Aging, West Health share their insights and challenges to connect with seniors, address their complex needs and to ultimately achieve better outcomes through more connected health.  Hear from a provider leader and a foundation executive who pioneer connected health solutions assess emerging innovation opportunities for the senior market.

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From Sick Care to a System of Health

Andy Thompson

Andy Thompson discusses the underlying behaviors that lead to health care costs and the inevitable shift toward consumer empowerment.

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First Comes Data, Then Outcomes

Eric Grossman

Eric Grossman looks at proper utilization of data and analytics as a means to achieve cost containment in health care.

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