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The Health Evolution Interview Series™ brings forward candid insights from the industry’s most influential leaders to catalyze improvement in health care. Executives, innovators, policymakers and investors who are all part of the rich Health Evolution community and who are deeply involved in the transformation of health use our Interview Series forum to share their insights and experience to activate leaders and inspire creative solutions to our industry’s most pressing challenges.

Latest Releases

Collaboration is Key

Susan Turney, MD + Julie Brussow

Susan Turney and Julie Brussow discuss the challenges and successes of the partnership between Marshfield Clinic Health System and Security Health Plan of Wisconsin to deliver improved care in their communities.

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Steering Through Turbulent Times

Ruth Brinkley

Ruth Brinkley formerly of KentuckyOne Health discusses key factors of leading in turbulent times.

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The Key to Policy Change

David Brailer, MD, PhD + Mark McClellan, MD, PhD

David Brailer of Health Evolution sits down with Mark McClellan of the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy to dive deep into the next iteration of the value equation to include prescription drugs, devices and gene therapies.

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Incompatible Policy Solutions

Molly Coye, MD + Ron Williams

Molly Coye of Avia and Ron Williams formerly of Aetna discuss robust strategies to make care more affordable over the long term.

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Partnerships for Patients

Dawn Owens + Lale White

Dawn Owens of Triple Tree and Lale White of XIFIN discuss how creating a collaborative culture can lead to success.

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The Acceleration of Data Mining

Jonathan Bush + Chris Chen, MD

Jonathan Bush of athenhealth and Chris Chen of ChenMed dive deep into the acceleration of data mining and its direct effect on patient outcomes.

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Expanding Predictive Analytics

Steve Udvarhelyi, MD

President & CEO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana


Steve Udvarhelyi, MD, President & CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, dives deep into paradigms for new data capture and using predictive analytics to inform decision making and member satisfaction.

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Bending the Cost Curve

August Calhoun

SVP, Healthcare Services, Siemens Healthineers


August Calhoun of Siemens Healthineers discusses using data, analytics and automation to bend the cost curve.

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Reform: A Question of the Government’s Role

Governor Mike Leavitt

Chairman & Founder, Leavitt Partners;
former Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services


Governor Mike Leavitt, Chairman and Founder of Leavitt Partners and a former HHS Secretary, shares how reform is ultimately a debate of our values and the role that we want the government to play in our lives.

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Expectations Ahead

Peter Orszag

Managing Director & Vice Chairman of Investment Banking, Lazard
Former Director, Office of Management and Budget
Former Director, Congressional Budget Office


Peter Orszag, former Director of the Office of Management and Budget and the Congressional Budget Office, shares insights on what we’ve learned from the Affordable Care Act and expectations for payment models ahead.

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Sustainability = Win-Win

Joaquin Delgado

EVP, Healthcare Business Group


Joaquin Delgado of 3M shares their deep history delivering technology platforms across healthcare with environmental solutions that deliver cost-savings and positive environmental impact.

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Healthcare Going Green

Mark Platt

Senior VP, Business Services
Gundersen Health System


Mark Platt of Gundersen Health System highlights how their commitment to energy efficiency and pollution prevention delivers impact on community health and health care cost reduction.

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Upstream Palliative Care

Brad Smith

Aspire Health


Brad Smith of Aspire Health reflects on the innovative ways to integrating quality of life and patient values into coordinated care delivery for advanced serious illness.

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Mobile Solutions for Mobile Lives

Jen Hyatt

Founder & CEO
Troo Life Coach


Jen Hyatt of Troo Life Coach discusses how to leverage AI and mobile technologies to develop behavioral health solutions that target the most at-risk and mobile consumer–adolescents.

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Mobile Demand > Barriers to Entry

Ginger Graham

Former President & CEO, Amylin Pharmaceuticals
Board of Directors, Walgreens Boots Alliance


Ginger Graham of Walgreens Boots Alliance reflects on consumer demand for mobile solutions pushing through barriers to innovation.

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