Incompatible Policy Solutions

Molly Coye of Avia and Ron Williams formerly of Aetna discuss robust strategies to make care more affordable over the long term.


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Molly Coye, MD

Executive in Residence
Confab Chair

Dr. Molly Joel Coye is Executive in Residence at AVIA, the nation’s leading network for health systems seeking to innovate and transform. AVIA's mission is to advance care delivery transformation through the effective identification and deployment of digital solutions; by providing strategic focus, process discipline, and a collaborative approach, AVIA delivers measurable results to its Network of more than 20 health system me Full bio ›

Ron Williams

Chairman & CEO, RW2 Enterprises;
Former Chairman & CEO, Aetna

A veteran business leader and an expert in value creation; Ronald A. Williams is Chairman and CEO of RW2 Enterprises, LLC, as well as active in private equity and a director to several corporate boards. The former Chairman and CEO of health insurance giant Aetna Inc., Mr. Williams now focuses his energy on strategy, values-based leadership, public-private partnership and health care transformation. Through his firm, RW2 Ent Full bio ›

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