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Cathryn Gunther

Partner Committee

AVP, Global Population Health, Merck & Co.

Cathryn Gunther has a diverse background in health care as a strategist, innovator, entrepreneur and collaborator. She respectfully challenges status quo and champions collaborative approaches that address societal health needs in a way that results in sustainable shared value and improved business performance.

Leading Merck’s Global Population Health, Cathryn is focused on saving and improving lives through antimicrobial stewardship, prevention through immunization, women’s health, non-communicable and infectious diseases. She is building a culture of well-being across the Merck enterprise and aspires to serve as a role model for how the global private sector can contribute to health creation.

She serves on the NBGH Board’s Institute on Health, Productivity and Human Capital and on the Board at the Grand View Health Foundation. She is a member of the Global Chief Medical Officer’s Network. Cathryn is married, a mother of 3 and is a practicing equestrian.