Health Evolution Team

Connecting leaders
across boundaries

James Lloyd

Senior Partner & Systems Manager

James is the Senior Partner & Systems Manager for Health Evolution, where he cultivates ongoing relationships with leading companies in health and manages all partner benefits for Summit, Confab and Institute and also coordinates and manages all in-office technology, vendor relationships and cross-team functionality.

Prior to joining the Health Evolution team, James utilized his expertise in communications to connect supporters of the Coral Reef Alliance within the field efforts to save coral reefs, grown regional philanthropy at The Foundation for Enhancing Communities in Pennsylvania, raised funds for individuals with developmental disabilities at Springbrook in Central New York State and advanced Bay Area small businesses at Working Solutions. James also has experience with brand identity, social media and event planning.

An East-coaster, graduate of Lebanon Valley College and proud Dutchman, James and his husband are new to the Bay Area living in San Francisco. They both enjoy being outdoors, exploring new hiking trails, pampering their two cats Mosby and Olaf and traveling when and wherever possible.