Wendy Pham

Analyst and Operations Support, Forum

Wendy is the Business and Operations Support Analyst of the Health Evolution Forum, a peer-to-peer collaboration among health care CEOs and thought leaders focused on driving near-term impact at a critical juncture for health care.

Prior to joining Health Evolution, Wendy worked closely with healthcare startup founders to help them raise money and create go-to-market strategies. She worked at Skoruz as the Market Research Analyst to research about commercializing a mass-scale COVID testing technology. In addition, she also contributed to the success of Correlia Biosystems’s Series A fundraising, resulted in $7M of funding for the company.

Wendy obtained a BS in Environmental Economics from University of California, Berkeley. During her time at Berkeley, she co-founded a student-run consulting organization that gives market research service to healthcare startups such as Zenflow, Hedia, and BioTrillion. Outside of work, Wendy likes to replicate restaurant recipes, so she does not need to eat out.