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Health Evolution gathers together the top minds from across all sectors of health, who bring diverse perspectives, together with a penchant for action and keen industry knowledge, to big discussions and highly curated working groups. The exciting ideas and new connections they leave with further maximize the impact their organizations have in the rapid transformation facing our industry in the months and years to come. Discussions from the Confab and Summit provide key insights into where the industry leaders are investing energy and money.

2017 Outlook Report – Improving Access by Reducing Friction for Consumers
2017 CEO Briefing Room Report

2017 CEO Briefing Room Report

For health care, the prospect of better managing consumer behaviors is an elusive goal, but one with tremendous promise. In a time of growing health care costs, keeping the consumer engaged with their care enables providers to deliver more efficient care and achieve improved outcomes, and thus has the potential to pay huge dividends. So, how can health care institutions pool efforts to collectively build a system-wide consumer relationship?

Created in collaboration with Oliver Wyman

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2017 CVC Report: Corporate Transformers in Health Care Venture Capital
2017 Confab Report

2017 Confab Report

The 2017 Confab of Women Catalysts brought together women and men of the Health Evolution community in an intimate and transparent forum with the rallying cry of “Leading in a Changing Environment”. The Confab addressed the burning need to be real, to be focused—diving deep into frontline stories from experienced executives, and going personal on “how” courageous leaders approached challenging and changing times.

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2016 CEO Briefing Room Report
2016 Telehealth Report
2016 Consumer rEvolution Outlook Report