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Health Evolution gathers together the top minds from across all sectors of health, who bring diverse perspectives, together with a penchant for action and keen industry knowledge, to big discussions and highly curated working groups. The exciting ideas and new connections they leave with further maximize the impact their organizations have in the rapid transformation facing our industry in the months and years to come. Discussions from the Confab and Summit provide key insights into where the industry leaders are investing energy and money.

2016 CVC Report: The Rising Tide of Strategic Investing
2016 Confab Report

2016 Confab Report

Life as a health care leader is difficult, and with the increasing complexity and rapid change in today’s industry, it’s becoming even more so. At the 2016 Confab of Women Catalysts, female and male leaders from across the industry convened to discuss how they maintain a sense of True North in their leadership, as well as for their companies and organizations.

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2016 Health Evolution  Summit Report

2016 Health Evolution Summit Report

Leaders are seeking playbooks for the paths ahead, partners with
deep expertise and a highly refined pulse on the pace of change.
The 2016 Summit discussions yielded key insights into where industry
leaders are focusing energy today and placing bets for tomorrow.

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2015 Health Evolution  Summit Report