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Discussions from the Confab and Summit yielded more than key insights into where industry leaders are investing their energy and money. Watch the videos now for a glimpse of how these industry leaders are charging ahead—taking greater risks and reaching beyond—to make an impact.

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Fresh Perspectives from Outside the Health Care Bubble

Margo Georgiadis + Shari Ballard + Terri Kelly

It’s not healthy to confine yourself to the same room, breathing the same air day in, day out. But as an industry, that is often what we do, gravitating towards familiar ways of thinking and claiming that we are “different” from other industries. It’s difficult to stand back and get much needed perspective without some fresh air and input. Together, we will step outside of our bubble to talk with female leaders from other industries about our shared leadership challenges, on everything from engaging with consumers to major organizational transformation to the role of diversity at the leadership level. Let’s step out and breathe in some fresh ideas.

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Adam Boehler on AI, data science and social determinants of health

Boehler, the outgoing Director of CMS Innovation Center, spoke on stage at the most recent Health Evolution Summit.

CMMI Director Adam Boehler took to the stage at the last Health Evolution Summit in an interview with Change Healthcare CEO Neil de Crescenzo.

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The Next Health Tsunami: The Epidemic of Loneliness

Alexandra Drane + Esther Dyson + Joan Harvey + Dean Ornish, MD

The statistics are chilling. Loneliness and social isolation are becoming an epidemic, proving deadlier than obesity. While the broader implications and related costs differ across populations and age groups, the root causes of this massive societal tidal wave demand unpacking.

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Leadership Activism: The Art of Taking a Stand

Donato Tramuto + Madeline Bell + Annie Lamont + Kate Walsh

Never in our history have we seen more corporate CEOs take a stand for what they believe in. From Weinstein to Trump, CEOs are driven by their personal beliefs, evolved shareholder demands and intensifying consumer expectations. Understand how bold leaders navigate these murky waters.

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Payer Connect: Where Payer Executives and Innovative CEOs Connect

Justin Roth + Ken Burdick + Dan Loepp + Bob Sheehy

Payer CEOs share their key challenges and strategic outlook on remaining competitive in this dynamic market.

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Provider Connect: Where Provider Executives and Innovative CEOs Connect

Jonathan Bush + Amir Dan Rubin + Terry Shaw + Andrea Walsh

Provider CEOs share their key challenges and strategic outlook on remaining competitive in this dynamic market.

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A Perspective: Leading Through Turbulent Times

David Brailer, MD + David Cordani

Facilitator, David Brailer, has a candid discussion with Cigna’s President and CEO, David Cordani, about the changes faced by CEOs during turbulent times for the health care industry.

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A Perspective: Leadership Reflection for the Future

Mark Ganz + Steve Hemsley

Faciliator, Mark Ganz, has a candid discussion with Unitedhealth Group’s Executive Chairman, Steve Hemsley, about what skills will be useful for the leaders of the future in health care.

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Call to Action: Driving Our Industry’s Future

Andy Slavitt + Karen Ignagni + Tony Tersigni

In the flurry of regulatory changes and unprecedented market consolidation, our backs are against the wall as an industry—will we work together to determine our fate? Hear from leaders on their forecast for what the future demands and a call to action to get in the lifeboat—together.

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Innovation: Saving Lives or Shifting Landscapes

Toby Cosgrove, MD + Olivier Brandicourt + David Feinberg, MD + Anne Wojcicki

Life science innovation is undoubtedly changing the landscape as curative drugs, diagnostics and genomics deliver increasingly targeted information and therapies. Hear forecasts for how targeted therapies will shift players in the market and the face of care.

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Medicaid & Duals: Can We Scale What’s Needed?

Mario Molina, MD + Patrick Conway, MD + Iyah Romm + Kate Walsh

Medicaid expansion has shed light on our most vulnerable populations, leading the industry to drive access and care in entirely new ways that rely on more than just our current system.

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The Personal Perspective: Experiences with Our Industry

Alexandra Drane + Steve Martin + Owen Tripp + Susan Turney, MD

Consumer engagement, patient experience, consumer-centric design are all worthy endeavors, yet how many of us have had a major experience with our industry?

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A Perspective: Leadership in a Vertically Integrated World

Jonathan Bush + Jeff Immelt

Host, Jonathan Bush, has a candid discussion with GE’s former Board Chair, Jeff Immelt, about being a leader in a vertically integrated health care industry.

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The Consumer Frontier: The Economics of Influence

Babak Parviz + Wyatt Decker, MD + Kevin Volpp, MD

Behavioral economics drives almost every other industry in our economy, tracking choices and preferences to influence decisions. The best in the consumer business talks with a leading researcher and industry pioneers.

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AI: A Solution Looking for a Home?

John Doerr + Diane Greene + Peter Neupert + Colin Hill

Artificial intelligence is headline news across industries, but what is the reality in our industry? A tech-savvy VC talks with a cloud guru and industry innovators steeped in AI to draw the line between hype and reality.

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