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Discussions from the Confab and Summit yielded more than key insights into where industry leaders are investing their energy and money. Watch the videos now for a glimpse of how these industry leaders are charging ahead—taking greater risks and reaching beyond—to make an impact.

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Organizational Paralysis: Getting Unstuck

Nancy Howell Agee + Deb Rice-Johnson + Lisa Suennen

As the industry continues massive shifts at a sometimes dizzying pace, most organizations are forced to tweak models that have been in place for years or often decades. Getting unstuck from the old to establish the new requires both creativity and discipline. It can be difficult to avoid losing direction or stalling in the dreaded state of decision paralysis. These seasoned leaders have been there and have tales to tell about finding their footing, corralling the troops and persevering when the going gets tough.

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What’s Killing Us: Deconstructing Addiction

Beth Bierbower + Gary Mendell + Karen Murphy

It is hard to comprehend. For the first time since WWI and the 1918 flu pandemic, life expectancy is falling. Fatal overdoses account for more deaths than car crashes, gun violence and even breast cancer. One in 10 deaths among working adults is due to alcohol misuse.

This addiction and substance misuse shatters our lives, our society, our economy and our social infrastructure, costing us $700 billion annually. But we have the power to fix this. We will deconstruct persistent myths about these conditions to provide clarity about root causes, and what we, as leaders, can do to turn around this deadly trend. Lives depend on it.

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Diagnostics Reimagined: Leading an Era of Prevention

Mike Pellini, MD + Kim Popovits + Chad Robins + Sue Siegel

Big money is funding a new class of diagnostics that may predict our disease long before it is expressed. While reimbursement presents traditional barriers to those on the bleeding edge, the value of the predictive indicator data these companies are amassing may dwarf the need for it. Talk with leaders about how diagnostics are driving new insights and may be the next AI dark horse.

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The Age of Curative Therapies – Moving Towards a Cost-Benefit Equilibrium?

Jean-Jacques Bienaimé + Jackie Kosecoff + Andrew Lo + Paul Markovich

Amid one of the most contentious periods of pricing battles in our history, the biopharma forecast shows an explosion of curative treatments coming to market.How do we evolve the health care business model to keep pace with–and finance– the drug discovery model? Hear from a payer CEO footing the bill, a biotech leader on the brink of a curative therapy for hemophilia and an economist with a brave new financing model as they share views on how the future will shake out.

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Upstream Investment for Downstream Health

Lloyd Dean + Secretary Mandy Cohen, MD + Steve Nelson + Paul Tufano

We are moving from talking about social determinants to reframing our role in housing, transportation and food. CMS has made bold announcements to focus our attention on these non-traditional factors, which are driving measurement, value definition, public-private partnerships and new services. Leaders of progressive initiatives talk about getting to the root cause of improving outcomes to deliver whole-person health.

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A Perspective: The State of the Industry

Nancy-Ann DeParle + Gail Boudreaux

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Provider Connect: Future Bets in Taking Risk

Nancy Howell Agee + Marc Harrison, MD + Richard Merkin, MD + Bob Segert

Continued pressures to take risk are reshaping provider relationships. Provider CEOs share their strategic outlooks, key challenges to take on risk and strategies to remain competitive in this dynamic market.

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Payer Connect: Future Bets in the Integration Era

Pam Kehaly + Diane Holder + Justin Roth + Tim Wentworth

Continued pressures to drive value are materializing in big moves. Payer CEOs share their strategic outlooks, key challenges of integration and insights to remain competitive in this dynamic market.

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Fresh Perspectives from Outside the Health Care Bubble

Margo Georgiadis + Shari Ballard + Terri Kelly

It’s not healthy to confine yourself to the same room, breathing the same air day in, day out. But as an industry, that is often what we do, gravitating towards familiar ways of thinking and claiming that we are “different” from other industries. It’s difficult to stand back and get much needed perspective without some fresh air and input. Together, we will step outside of our bubble to talk with female leaders from other industries about our shared leadership challenges, on everything from engaging with consumers to major organizational transformation to the role of diversity at the leadership level. Let’s step out and breathe in some fresh ideas.

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Adam Boehler on AI, data science and social determinants of health

Boehler, the outgoing Director of CMS Innovation Center, spoke on stage at the most recent Health Evolution Summit.

CMMI Director Adam Boehler took to the stage at the last Health Evolution Summit in an interview with Change Healthcare CEO Neil de Crescenzo.

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The Next Health Tsunami: The Epidemic of Loneliness

Alexandra Drane + Esther Dyson + Joan Harvey + Dean Ornish, MD

The statistics are chilling. Loneliness and social isolation are becoming an epidemic, proving deadlier than obesity. While the broader implications and related costs differ across populations and age groups, the root causes of this massive societal tidal wave demand unpacking.

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Leadership Activism: The Art of Taking a Stand

Donato Tramuto + Madeline Bell + Annie Lamont + Kate Walsh

Never in our history have we seen more corporate CEOs take a stand for what they believe in. From Weinstein to Trump, CEOs are driven by their personal beliefs, evolved shareholder demands and intensifying consumer expectations. Understand how bold leaders navigate these murky waters.

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Payer Connect: Where Payer Executives and Innovative CEOs Connect

Justin Roth + Ken Burdick + Dan Loepp + Bob Sheehy

Payer CEOs share their key challenges and strategic outlook on remaining competitive in this dynamic market.

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