Report Series

Highlights from 2018 Confab Discussions

The 2018 Confab Report includes video and audio insights, as well as graphic records of discussions on the biggest leadership challenges.


The Next Health Tsunami: The Epidemic of Loneliness

Host: Alexandra Drane, Cashier, Walmart; Co-Founder, ARCHANGELS and Eliza Corporation; Confab Chair

Speakers: Esther Dyson, Executive Founder, Way to Wellville
Joan Harvey, VP, Consumer Health Engagement, Cigna; Partner Committee
Dean Ornish, MD, Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Ornish Lifestyle Medicine, Sharecare

Leadership Activism: The Art of Taking a Stand

Host: Donato Tramuto, CEO, Tivity Health

Speakers: Madeline Bell, President & CEO, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Annie Lamont, Managing Partner, Oak HC/FT
Kate Walsh, President & CEO, Boston Medical Center