What Biden's health policy might look like

A trio of Washington insiders - Tom Daschle, Kavita Patel and Ezekiel Emanuel - discuss what a Joe Biden administration would mean for the ACA

Contact tracing: CEOs must remain vigilant on patient privacy

Various experts explain how CEOs can navigate the privacy challenges of contact tracing.


Advancing equity in health care begins with measuring racial and socioeconomic disparities

The first in a two-part series focusing on how CEOs can lead health care organizations in using data to improve disparities, social determinants and community partnerships.


Leadership Perspectives: CEOs on how to emerge from the crises of 2020

Humana CEO Bruce Broussard and other chief executives urge industry leaders to take a proactive role in advancing beyond the immediate problems stressing the system — rather than waiting for government or external forces to do so.


How COVID-19 reshaped innovation priority lists

While telehealth rose, revenue cycle management dipped but retained a spot, while supply chain proved offered a surprise twist. In this Q&A with UPMC’s Robert Bart, MD, he explains how COVID shifted health system innovation priorities.


Health Evolution CEO Reading List

Chief executives of providers, payers and life sciences organizations can look to this frequently updated list for articles and resources about health care and leadership.


With public trust in COVID vaccines fading, CEOs must be trust amplifiers

What happens if a COVID vaccine comes along and no one wants to take it? Experts in the vaccine development process explain how health care CEOs can improve the public’s trust.


The ACA faces an uncertain future: How can CEOs plan ahead?

No one can predict what will happen to the ACA when the Supreme Court rules on the law in November so CEOs should be prepared regardless of the case’s outcome.


Next generation IT in health care: Governance and use of patient data are critical

The second in a two-part series about how CEOs can lead a new level of IT deployment.


What CEOs should know about ambient intelligence, physician wellness and the future of patient-centered care

Powered by Nuance
CEOs, CIOs and CMIOs are accelerating deployment of ‘game-changing’ ambient clinical intelligence systems to address physician burnout and improve clinical documentation, care quality and access and value-based reimbursements


Mental health and COVID-19: America’s 13 most vulnerable cities

Regions with dense populations, socioeconomic struggles, wide disparities, high rates of comorbidities and mental health issues are being hit even harder by the pandemic than other cities.


‘Our health systems are not too big to fail,’ CEO warns

After six months of tracking patient volumes, utilization and other rates during the pandemic, Strata Decision Technology CEO Dan Michelson says fee for service is a systemic risk and hospital executives need to evaluate their financial dependency on the payment system.

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