AI is changing role of primary care physicians

Molly Coye interviews Vinod Khosla

Newly released 2019 Summit Report

Key takeaways from 2019 Health Evolution Summit


Q&A: Steve Klasko

Klasko, President and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Thomas Jefferson Health, discusses the biggest risk he ever took, what he learned from former Apple and Pepsi CEO John Sculley, and the new math of health care.


Get out of the health care bubble to hear other leaders’ experiences

Leaders share the decisions that drove their careers and often pushed them beyond their comfort zone


Eric Schmidt: Until AI's "unknown errors" can be explained, the systems will remain advisory

AI is making remarkable strides and presenting challenges in the lab.

Curative Therapies

“Drug mortgages” may be the solution to fund million-dollar cures

Buying a six-figure therapy may require individuals to pay over time.

Curative Therapies

Bending the cost curve by making diagnostic advances a priority

Diagnostics is the neglected stepchild of healthcare, but developments in genomics, microbiomics, and metabolomics could change that status.

Curative Therapies

New approaches to diagnostics promise early detection, targeted therapies

How can innovative diagnostic tests prove their value in helping clinicians make treatment decisions?

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