What would a Biden health care system look like?

Former Vice President Joe Biden and the Democrats outlined proposals to disrupt the health care system if elected in November.

Introducing the Innovation Lab

A new way to help payer, provider and life sciences CEOs connect with innovators


Envisioning the “next norm” of health care

Rasu Shrestha, MD, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer at Atrium Health, spoke with Health Evolution about what long-term projects are underway at Atrium in response to the COVID pandemic and to share some of the lessons they’ve learned in the last few months.


Taking on social determinants of health in the COVID era

COVID-19 has further exposed the country’s massive health disparities. That’s why health care organizations like Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ are using data analytics, partnerships, investments in housing and other strategies to tackle the problem.


How COVID-19 has health care ‘reinventing’ innovation for therapeutics

Private-public partnerships have emerged, R&D is on the rise, progress is being made, now the industry needs real-world evidence.


Health Evolution CEO Reading List

Chief executives of providers, payers and life sciences organizations can look to this frequently updated list for articles and resources about health care and leadership.


Infographic: Where did all the patients go?

Preliminary data has shown just how much COVID-19 has potentially affected emergent medical, surgical and obstetric hospitalizations, at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) in Boston and nationally. 


How dotcom era developments can help shape the future of health care

Dusting off old advancements made during the dotcom boom and bust at the turn of the century illustrates that focusing on infrastructure to engage consumers drives impactful change — and there’s no time like COVID-19 to rethink the system.


Biden’s health care plan: 5 things to know

Former Vice President Joe Biden and the Democrats outlined proposals to disrupt the health care system if elected in November. On the table? A public option added to the ACA, taking on the pharma industry to lower prescription drug prices and revamping the health care workforce.


COVID-19 rapidly accelerated telehealth adoption. Now what?

eVisit CEO Bret Larsen talks with Health Evolution about how COVID-19 has changed the game for telehealth and what steps CEOs need to take to ensure this isn’t a missed opportunity.


Hospitals stockpiling what they can—but critical supplies remain backordered

A recent survey from Premier reveals that 90 percent of health care providers are contributing to stockpiles of critical medical supplies and drugs intended to last as long as 90 days.


The CDC we need: How COVID-19 revealed catastrophic failings of the American public health icon

Five action items necessary for reforming the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control before the next crisis.

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