To advance health assurance in the workforce, start by focusing on equity

How to address systemic racism as a public health crisis, while fortifying the workforce and community with cultural concordance, health literacy and work-life balance.

Health care has a long way to go post George Floyd

A year after the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent public calls for societal change, health care leaders still have considerable work ahead to improve equity.

Health Equity

How health care organizations can work to improve LGBTQ+ care

Health care organizations need to do a better job in creating a welcoming, inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ patients. Experts say they can do so through employee education, improving sexual orientation and gender identity data collection and getting buy in across the C-Suite.

Health System Resilience

Why data needs to drive the transition to value-based care

Executives who ‘own’ and leverage data can better understand cost centers, engage providers, drive patients to high-value care and address systemic inequities.


Health care M&A report: The deals are coming fast and furious

Reviewing some of the major mergers and acquisitions that occurred from March to June, in general the spring months saw numerous high-value deals across the provider, life sciences and health tech sectors.

Health Equity

Zing Health CEO Eric Whitaker on Medicare Advantage’s potential in reducing disparities

Whitaker, who spent four years as the Director of the Illinois Department of Health, says that Medicare Advantage addresses the social determinants of health in ways that traditional Medicare plans do not.


Health Evolution CEO Reading List

Chief executives of providers, payers and life sciences organizations can look to this frequently updated list for articles and resources about health care and leadership.


In a competitive digital health landscape, it’s hard to stand out

With so much activity in the sector, how can innovators distinguish themselves? Among payers and providers, considerations often center on how the solution meets a strategic need, if it can generate ROI, how it differs from others in the marketplace and if it’s easy to integrate.


Updated: Supreme Court upholds Affordable Care Act

The Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act by 7-2 margin. Back when the case was being decided, Oscar Health and Centene chief executives were confident it would survive and continued to plan ahead in efforts to expand ACA marketplace plans.


Health care execs on the move: Former government officials find new landing spots

In this month’s edition, we spotlight recent movements by government officials, including former HHS Secretary Alex Azar and former FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn, MD.


Data dive: How employers are encouraging the workforce to receive COVID-19 vaccines

While some hospitals are mandating that employees become vaccinated, few executives across industries are enacting such policies. Instead, they are enabling vaccine uptake with scheduling flexibility, financial incentives, and targeted communications — all tactics that health care executives might consider whether they require vaccination or not.

Health Equity

CityMD founder Richard Park on improving care for Asian Americans in NYC

With his latest venture, Rendr, the entrepreneur is working to apply the same self-advocacy, scalability and standardization concepts that worked well to improve care for Asian American populations.

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