The Blues Antitrust Settlement could shake up the health care industry

If approved, the settlement would have short and long-term impacts for both payer and provider organizations

Virtual Confab 2021: Diversity, community, equity

Health Evolution’s virtual Confab 2021 will convene leaders to address challenging issues such as creating a culture of diversity and tolerance


Where CEOs should focus during the return of the house call

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As virtual care continues to gain momentum, healthcare leaders have unique opportunities to impact outcomes


6 innovator CEOs share insights that steer their careers

From the Health Evolution Innovation Lab, chief executives discuss what they have learned through their work and how it informs innovation strategies, company culture and more.


Why even innovators struggle to define and measure innovation

In the first of this two-part series, Peter Fleischut, MD of NewYork-Presbyterian and Sara Vaezy of Providence reveal what’s on their innovation checklists, which metrics they are successfully using, and the need to foster a culture to support transformation.


Innovator CEO Profile: Health Here’s Ryan Wells

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In this Health Evolution Innovation Lab interview series, Health Here CEO Ryan Wells walks through his most difficult challenges, advice for other CEOs, and how mountaineering lessons apply to health care.


How innovation will evolve in 2021: An interview with Xealth CEO Mike McSherry

McSherry on preparing for the innovation influx coming from VC and big tech, the value of capturing first-dollar, the impact President-elect Joe Biden’s administration could have on digital health, and more.


Health Evolution CEO Reading List

Chief executives of providers, payers and life sciences organizations can look to this frequently updated list for articles and resources about health care and leadership.

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How the Blues Antitrust settlement could shake up the health care industry

If approved by a federal judge, the case would have immediate short and long-term impacts for both payer and provider organizations and create a more competitive landscape.


Data dive: Patients’ confidence in the health system takes a COVID-related dip

One-third of patients feel less confident in the health care system than they did before the pandemic and many continue to delay care, according to new research.


Bringing comprehensive health data interoperability to life science and pharmaceutical research

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In 2020, catalyzed by a global pandemic, the healthcare segment began moving toward a solution that is now poised to spread across the entire health industry and revolutionize how we manage data in life sciences and pharmaceutical research: FHIR.


3 challenges for CEOs and boards during the COVID-19 Dark Winter ahead

Guest contributor Paul Keckley advises hospital chief executives about preparing for problems related to vaccines, workforce and capital as the second surge continues into the winter season.

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