Who We Are

About Health Evolution

Advancing health, connecting leaders

Our mission is to activate influential leaders to accelerate a positive future for health.

Health Evolution engages influential leaders from all corners of health to catalyze improvement in health care. We convene executives, innovators, policymakers and investors who are deeply involved in the transformation of health to share ideas, take the pulse of the market with a broader lens, and build relationships essential to driving creative solutions to our pressing challenges.

Our community members bring diverse perspectives, a wealth of experience and a bias for action to our highly curated working groups and big discussions. The Health Evolution community is focused on achieving a future of health that is:

  • Whole-person centric
  • Health equity-focused
  • Highly efficient
  • Prevention-oriented
  • Outcomes-driven
  • Purposefully innovative
  • Harmonious with public-private partnerships

With this shared vision, they leverage new ideas and connections to further maximize their impact in framing the next decade of health.

Julie Murchinson Health Evolution Purpose