Chris Carey

GM & SVP, Product, Calm Health

Chris Carey is the GM and SVP of Product at Calm Health, and an experienced leader in product development passionate about building amazing teams striving to create healthcare tools to make the system work for everyone. At Calm, Chris is focused on creating a mental health platform for the world’s most trusted healthcare solutions by building and investing in simple, innovative solutions that address all dimensions of health.In 2015, Chris joined Rally Health as the Chief Product Officer and created a new product line that grew to be the company’s largest P&L in just five years. From 2012 through 2014, as the Director of Online and Mobile Strategy at Blue Shield of California, Chris was responsible for leading a team of product managers to develop multi-channel strategies for member, employer, broker and provider portals. Chris and his team launched Blue Shield’s first mobile web and mobile app experiences, receiving the annual “Mission and Values” award because of his efforts, voted on by the executive leadership team.