Rebecca Nielsen

Managing Director, Leavitt Partners

Rebecca Nielsen is a managing director at Leavitt Partners, an HMA company, where she designs and oversees major strategy and public health engagements. She aids both commercial and public clients in strategy development, assessing new markets, and identifying opportunities for service expansion. Rebecca has aided health system, HIT, payer, telecom, and other entities in strengthening their market position within healthcare. Rebecca has been invited to speak or moderate on a variety of topics including the health system landscape, social determinants of health investing, chronic disease prevention in a value context, and advancing evidence-based programs. She has published work in Health Affairs Forefront and other forums.

Prior to joining Leavitt Partners, Rebecca held a variety of positions within UnitedHealth Group. As senior director of Specialty Analytics and Management Products at Ingenix, Rebecca built the strategic and financial business case for flagship cancer analytics products. She also held roles within Optum: as Optum’s program officer, Rebecca monitored top business priorities and risks for the Optum executive team and executed strategic projects for Optum’s CEO. Rebecca oversaw a $70 million portfolio of care coordination products as an Optum product director. In her first role at UnitedHealth Group, Rebecca was a director of business development at Ingenix, and supported the unit’s M&A activity.  Prior to joining United, Rebecca consulted for Hemedex, a Massachusetts-based medical device company. She began her journey in healthcare in the R&D lab of Research Medical (now Baxter International) and her first foray with consulting was with New York firm, Katahdin Consulting, Inc.

Rebecca holds a bachelor of arts degree from Harvard University and a master of business administration from Harvard Business School