Forum Roundtables

Forum Roundtables are comprised of cross-industry leaders focused on three key areas critical to our industry’s growth – new care models, advances in health IT and health assurance in chronic care management. Each Roundtable will be supported by expert driven workgroup to produce influential content central to the Health Evolution Forum impact.

Roundtable on New Models of Care Delivery

Patrick Conway, MD, CEO, Care Solutions, Optum
Mark Ganz, President & CEO, Cambia Health
Mark McClellan, MD, PhD, Director and Robert J. Margolis, Professor, Duke University
Jaewon Ryu, MD, President & CEO, Geisinger
Penny Wheeler, MD, President & CEO, Allina Health

This Roundtable supports partnerships between payer, provider and technology companies that accelerate deployment of new care models, including primary care, remote monitoring, expanded telehealth and retail care. This Roundtable will also explore the role of advanced diagnostics in care. Special attention will be given to hospital resilience during and after COVID and how this reconciles with the drive for efficiency and value over the past two decades. The goal of this Roundtable is to bring to scale models of care that can meet new demand and also advance operation in the new environment of constrained affordability and sustainability.

Potential Work Groups:

  • COVID: Preparing for Wave 2 and beyond
  • The future of VBP, risk and resiliency
  • Primary care redesign (retail, home, rural, etc.)
  • Re-inventing and scaling integrated care models
  • Sustaining telemedicine
  • Delivering care under austerity and affordability

Roundtable on Next Generation IT in Health Care

Amy Abernethy, MD, PhD, Principal Deputy Commissioner, FDA
Aneesh Chopra, President, CareJourney
Steve Klasko, MD, President & CEO, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health
Peter Neupert, Lead Director, Adaptive Biotechnologies Corp.; Former VP, Microsoft Health Solutions
Steve Udvarhelyi, MD, President & CEO, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana

This Roundtable supports partnerships between payer, provider, life sciences and technology companies that support a new level of IT deployment in health care, including digital health, interoperability, new forms of data, integrated clinical trials and AI/ML, that can drive modernization of consumer engagement, population health and care delivery, during and after COVID. Special attention will be paid to cybersecurity and privacy. The goal of this Roundtable is to set a new foundation for care that is longitudinal, fully integrated and patient centered.

Potential Work Groups:

  • COVID: Surveillance and community health data collection
  • Real-time and widespread Interoperability and application of clinical and new forms of data
  • AI, data science and the cloud in clinical care
  • Digital health, digital therapeutics and consumer tools
  • Privacy and cybersecurity

Roundtable on Community Health and Reducing Health Disparities

Mandy Cohen, MD, Secretary, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
Pat Geraghty, President & CEO, GuideWell & Florida Blue
Rod Hochman, MD, President & CEO, Providence
Wright Lassiter, III, President & CEO, Henry Ford Health System
Mark Smith, MD, Founding President & Former CEO, California Health Care Foundation

This Roundtable supports partnerships between payer, provider and technology companies that can improve community-wide health status and reduce health disparities across vulnerable subpopulations. Special attention will be given to addressing drivers of health and structural barriers that result in sustained disparities and creating social, care and financial models to improve community health. The goal of this Roundtable is to create new financing and care delivery models that can demonstrate success in improving community health and removing barriers to improved health status for all.

Potential Work Groups:

  • Community-wide health monitoring and improvement strategies
  • Social, care and financial models for addressing disparities
  • Mental health and social support for vulnerable populations
  • Behavior modification and patient engagement in health improvement

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