Clearstep revolutionizes healthcare management with its cutting-edge Smart Care Routing™ solutions. Clearstep’s AI assistants harness rigorously validated and meticulously curated AI models, empowering patients to navigate the intricate landscape of healthcare with confidence.

Distinguished as the premier digital self-triage and conversational AI healthcare assistant, Clearstep’s transformative impact extends across call centers, websites, mobile apps, patient portals, and 2-way SMS platforms. Through these mediums, it seamlessly automates symptom assessments, streamlines triage processes, addresses routine patient inquiries, facilitates remote patient monitoring, and optimizes both administrative and clinical workflows.

Clearstep’s clients, including HCA Healthcare, CVS Health, Mount Sinai Health System, Novant Health, and a network of hospitals spanning 15 states, reap the rewards of AI-driven assistants that combine user-friendliness with rapid implementation. Moreover, its solutions seamlessly integrate with existing technology stacks, ensuring interoperability while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy. The ultimate result? Heightened efficiencies, enhanced patient access, enriched patient experiences, and improved outcomes.

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