2018 CEO Briefing Room-Making a Productive Board-CEO Relationship Report

Health Evolution | April 20, 2018

Key Takeaway: Briefing Room CEOs saw health care boards becoming an increasingly important asset as leaders seek to fundamentally transform their health care businesses in the face of disruptive forces. At the same time, as health care organizations adapt to manage new risks, their boards will also need to adapt to understand and assess these risks.

As CEOs work to accelerate transformative change in the face of new sources of disruption – such as digital health, the shift to value-based care, and the rise of consumerism – they need more from their boards than just governance. Boards are also feeling the pressure to evolve their game as the requirements for success are changing.

In the 2018 CEO Briefing Room this past April, Health Evolution, in collaboration with Oliver Wyman, brought together 25 innovative CEOs from prominent payer, provider and life science organizations to discuss how to evolve the Board-CEO partnership beyond governance to support deep transformational change. The group was joined by experienced board directors with diverse perspectives, including John Doerr, Deborah Hopkins, and Ron Williams. Together, Briefing Room members dove into a candid and energetic discussion about the ways in which health care CEOs could leverage their boards to navigate change in the face of new disruptive forces.

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