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Miller discusses the momentum, capital and innovation being driven into new models of care delivery, what the space needs to scale, and his ambitions for where it will all be three to five years into the future.

Below are three highlights of the interview.

On new models gaining momentum: 

“Ninety five percent of health plans believe that more care should be delivered at home. Consumers would prefer to age at home, die at home with dignity. Hospital at home and SNF at home are gathering a lot of steam and various entities are pushing those things forward. The federal government is pushing those things forward. commercial payers are taking an active role in that.”

On what’s needed next: 

“For this to scale up, as everybody would say, reimbursement has to start leading the way because there’s a ton of capital going into this space, a ton of innovation.”

On where the industry will be three to five years from now: 

“I’m really ambitious that in four years from now, you will be able to look backwards and say that fundamentally we are delivering care more effectively with less money and less people involved, leveraging technology and great clinical awareness and analytics for less money. We’re responding to consumer demand and it’s actually working. That’s where I think we’ll be. Will it be at scale? No, but I think there will be pockets in states and in particular geographies for chronic conditions.”