Jeff Lin

President, InstaMed
Managing Director, J.P. Morgan
Partner Committee

Jeff is the president of InstaMed and leads the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Payments business alongside Bill Marvin, CEO of InstaMed. In his role, Jeff manages the ongoing innovation, growth and execution of healthcare-specific solutions, including Healthcare Link and Disbursement Hub. Jeff and his teams are committed to delivering innovation to address administrative simplification for the entire healthcare payments market. Jeff is a proven leader and innovator with over 25 years of experience in healthcare and payments. He hosts a monthly podcast with C-level industry executives and launched the InstaMed DE&I group in 2020. Since joining InstaMed in 2008, Jeff has held several leadership roles in Product, Operations, Sales and Marketing. Prior to InstaMed, Jeff was an executive at Accenture, where he led multiple enterprise projects for many Fortune 100 companies.