Data-Driven Health Equity Strategies

Strengthening our commitment to advancing health equity amid emerging technologies and shifting challenges

Continuing to build upon its data-focused foundations, this Roundtable aims to expand from measurement to action in advancing health equity, focusing on practical, tangible solutions that leaders can learn from and deploy across the health care industry. Executives in this Roundtable are committed holding themselves accountable to action, especially as they navigate rapidly emerging technologies and an increasingly polarized environment

This Roundtable, which developed the three-year Health Equity Pledge, will also explore lessons learned, celebrate successes, and identify ongoing opportunties to make progress as Pledge supporters approach the end of their initial commitment in 2024.

The Health Equity Pledge: A Solution to Strengthen Data Foundations and Build Interventions to Accelerate Health Equity

As a response to the challenge of addressing health disparities, the Health Evolution Forum launched the Health Equity Pledge to meaningfully strengthen data foundations through the collection, stratification, and review of race, ethnicity, language, and sex data, with the ultimate goal to more effectively identify disparities, diagnose root causes, and instill accountability for eliminating them.

These actions, structured into three Pledge objectives, are a significant opportunity to embed equity into quality improvement and interventions across the health care industry, and to reduce disparities in care delivery, the patient and member experience, and outcomes.

Pledge Objectives: 

  • Collect race, ethnicity, language, and sex data for at least 50% of the organization’s patient, member, or customer population.
  • Stratify and regularly review these collected data by the top-priority quality or access metric for 90% of major business lines and/or departments/divisions of adequate size.
  • Share data and insights on health equity efforts, including for select measures, and participate in the Health Equity Pledge Learning Series to exchange ideas and solutions.

View the Health Equity Pledge here.

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