Alan Wheatley

Segment President, Retail, Humana

Alan Wheatley is a consumer-focused health executive with 28 years of experience in successfully leading business transformation, integrating care, improving health and well-being, and lowering costs.

He leads operations and strategic direction –with full bottom-line responsibility –for Humana’s $56 billion consumer product businesses which include Medicare, Medicaid, the Sales organization, Long-term Care and Supplement products. He has a record of superior earnings growth, achieved by building new businesses and turning around unprofitable efforts through designing and building superior sustainable business models.

As President of Humana’s Medicare organization from 2008 -2014, Alan led all aspects of the business, including developing the growth strategy that achieved a 15% CAGR since 2008. He developed strategy for Humana’s Medicare Prescription Drug Plan program, encompassing 3.5 million members and over $3 billion in annual revenue.

As VP and COO/CFO for Senior Products, Alan developed strategy, designed products, managed pricing, and formulated guiding principles for bid submissions. He also designed and built a dedicated Group Medicare service organization that now supports over 400,000 members with $4 billion in annual revenue.

Alan holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Louisville and a Bachelor of Business Administration—Finance from the University of Kentucky.
President, Retail Segment