Fidji Simo

CEO, Instacart

Fidji Simo is the Chief Executive Officer of Instacart. She joined Instacart as CEO in August 2021, and has been a member of Instacart’s Board of Directors since February 2021. Simo is a consumer technology industry veteran, having spent more than 15 years leading the operations, strategy and product development for some of the world’s leading businesses. In 2022, Simo launched Instacart Health, a sweeping initiative designed to deliver the ingredients for healthier living through Instacart’s products, partnerships, and policy advocacy.

Prior to joining Instacart, Simo was the Vice President and Head of the Facebook app. During her decade at Facebook, Simo oversaw the development and strategy for the Facebook app, including News Feed, Stories, Groups, Video, Marketplace, Gaming, News, Dating, Ads and more.

Simo also serves as co-founder of Metrodora, a multidisciplinary medical clinic and research institute dedicated to the care and cure of neuroimmune conditions. She also serves as a member of the Board of Directors at Shopify. Simo holds a Master of Management from HEC Paris and spent the last year of her Masters program at UCLA Anderson School of Business.