Pouria Sanae

CEO, ixlayer

Pouria Sanae is a co-founder and serves as the CEO of ixlayer, a health data company for bio pharma, health systems, and clinical labs in the field of precision health testing. Pouria previously founded two startups in the field of data mining and eCommerce. He was also one of the early employees of Helix.com. As a head of product partnership at Helix, Pouria was in charge of launching 16 companies and 22 genetic products on the Helix platform. In addition to his role as Director of Product Management at Helix, leading the launching efforts for 22 DTC products on Helix marketplace, Pouria served as the Director of Product Management at Yahoo, and Flickr; and  Founder and CEO of CityBlis – an ecommerce marketplace with 3000 sellers, 12,000 online influencers with 100,000+ monthly unique visitors and 21% m.o.m growth rate.