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Health Evolution Confab

Pre-Summit Experience: April 9, 2019

Powerful connections. Inspired action.

Our Confab of Women ChangeMakers is an intimate community for women and men driving industry change by understanding how women at the top are taking on the big issues.

We go beyond the talking points to have honest, transparent conversations with the dynamic, diverse voices leading health care. We dive deep into their front-line stories, go personal on the “how” of these leaders, unpack broader societal issues, and discover new perspectives on our biggest challenges. New friends and colleagues invigorate our thinking and spark ideas that help us tap opportunities ahead to transform health care.

Participants gather to “Get Real” in small, intimate groups for candid conversations with peers to share stories and dig into the biggest leadership challenges.

Leaders share their personal, front-line stories on how they’re setting a new tone for our industry, transforming organizations and driving real progress.

2019 Confab of Women ChangeMakers Agenda

Tuesday, April 9
Get Real: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (optional morning program)
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Leaders come together in small, intimate groups for candid, honest, transparent conversations with peers who "get it" to share stories and advice on today's biggest leadership challenges.
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What’s Killing Us: Deconstructing Addiction

Discussion Leaders:
Carolyn Clancy, Deputy Under Secretary for Discovery, Education and Affiliate Networks, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Gary Mendell, Founder & CEO, Shatterproof
It is hard to comprehend. For the first time since WWI and the 1918 flu pandemic, life expectancy is falling. Fatal overdoses account for more deaths than car crashes, gun violence and even breast cancer. One-in-ten deaths among working adults is due to alcohol misuse. This addiction and substance misuse shatters our lives, our society, our economy and our social infrastructure, costing us $700 billion annually. But we have the power to fix this. We will deconstruct persistent myths about these conditions to provide clarity about root causes, and what we, as leaders, can do to turn around this deadly trend. Lives depend on it.

The Feminine Advantage: Front Line Stories

Fresh Perspectives from Outside our Health Care Bubble

Discussion Leaders:
Shari Ballard, Former Senior EVP & President-Multi-Channel Retail, Best Buy
Margo Georgiadis, CEO, Ancestry
Terri Kelly, Retired President & CEO, W.L. Gore and Associates
It’s not healthy to confine yourself to the same room, breathing the same air day in, day out. But as an industry, that is often what we do, gravitating towards familiar ways of thinking and claiming that we are “different” from other industries. Yet it’s difficult to stand back and get much needed perspective without some fresh air and input. Together, we will step outside of our “bubble” to talk with female leaders from other industries about our shared leadership challenges, on everything from engaging with consumers to major organizational transformation to the role of diversity at the leadership level. Let’s step out and breathe in some fresh ideas.

Organizational Paralysis: Getting Unstuck

Discussion Leaders:
Nancy Agee, President & CEO, Carilion Clinic
Deb Rice-Johnson, President, Highmark
Tom Skelton, CEO, Surescripts
As the industry continues massive shifts at a sometimes dizzying pace, most organizations are forced to tweak models that have been in place for years or often decades. Getting unstuck from the old to establish the new requires both creativity and discipline. It can be difficult to avoid losing direction or stalling in the dreaded state of “decision paralysis.” These seasoned leaders have been there and have tales to tell about finding their footing, corralling the troops and persevering when the going gets tough.
Confabulation Networking Break
Ritz-Carlton, Monarch Bay Courtyard
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Get Real: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
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Cocktails & Confabulation
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Dinner + The Final Share
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Highlights from the 2018 Confab of Women ChangeMakers

The Next Health Tsunami: The Epidemic of Loneliness
Host: Alexandra Drane, Cashier, Walmart; Co-Founder, ARCHANGELS and Eliza Corporation; Confab Chair 

Discussion Leaders:
Esther Dyson, Executive Founder, Way to Wellville
Joan Harvey, VP, Consumer Health Engagement, Cigna; Partner Committee 
Dean Ornish, MD, Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Ornish Lifestyle Medicine, Sharecare

Leadership Activism: The Art of Taking a Stand

Host: Donato Tramuto, CEO, Tivity Health

Discussion Leaders:
Madeline Bell, President & CEO, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Annie Lamont, Managing Partner, Oak HC/FT
Kate Walsh, President & CEO, Boston Medical Center