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COVID-19 Innovation Guide:

Returning to the Next Normal

Providence’s Digital Innovation Group has been leading the health care industry in responding to the pandemic since before COVID-19 even spread across the country. As the health care system initially laid the foundation for trust among employees and patients by unlocking digital opportunities, it has continued innovating on top of that to distribute care, leverage new supply chain models, and institute more flexibility into its workforce and facilities.

Health Evolution and Providence’s Digital Innovation Group aligned to produce a three-part series sharing Providence’s Digital Innovation Group’s experience with other innovators and executives as they develop strategies for battling COVID-19 and moving into the digital future.

Innovation Guide — Part 2

  • Distributed Care and Digital Health Acceleration
  • Extended Supply Chain Models
  • New Workforce and Facilities Models

With one estimate projecting that distributed and virtual care will create a $250 billion revenue opportunity, the implications for U.S. health care are enormous.

Download the Innovation Guide: Returning to the Next Normal, Part 2

Innovation Guide — Part 1

  • Inform leading digital strategies for not simply surviving COVID-19 but emerging stronger post-pandemic
  • Understand the digital innovation opportunities around safety and support contactless care
  • Lay the foundation for establishing new care models that ensure a more sustainable future

“While some regions of the country may experience a backlog of care, early data indicates regions hit hardest by COVID-19 cases and economic fallout will be met with slow but consistent return. As health systems enter the recovery phase with depressed per capita utilization, they must take swift action in reducing capital expenditures, consolidating service lines and rationalizing physical assets where possible.”
     – Aaron Martin and Sara Vaezy of Providence

Looking toward the future one thing is clear: Digital will be the backbone of health care.

Download Now: The Innovators Guide to Next Normal, Part 1

About the authors

Aaron Martin, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, Providence
Sara Vaezy, Chief Digital Strategy and Business Development Officer, Providence