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Join a collaboration of cross-industry CEOs and leaders of influential companies driving innovation and change through the Health Evolution Forum. The Forum, its Fellows and Partners are harnessing the present moment’s rapid acceleration of a reset health care agenda and new partnerships. In its inaugural launch, the Forum is addressing these emerging imperatives through focused initiatives such as New Models of Care Delivery, Next Generation IT in Health Care, and Community Health & Advancing Health Equity.

Ten years from now, everyone will look back at the beginning of this decade as the time that health care joined the consumer revolution through creative partnerships, crossing boundaries and recognizing that we need to move from sick care to health assurance. The Health Evolution Forum will be viewed as the conduit to bring on that transformation, by taking a no-limits approach to combining the traditional health care ecosystem with the disruptors to assure health for people long before they get sick from a pandemic … or anything else.
Steve Klasko, MD, CEO of Jefferson Health and President of Thomas Jefferson University; Forum Founding Leadership Fellow

Why Partner with the Health Evolution Forum?

Health Evolution Forum Partners have a unique opportunity to shape the future of health care and their organization. Bolder, more comprehensive solutions to challenges can’t be solved by any one sector in healthcare. Underwriting the Health Evolution Forum puts you and your organization at the forefront of the cross-industry leadership group taking action and setting the course for years to come.

Join the 200+ invitation-only Forum Fellows, largely made up of CEOs, Presidents, Founders or Chairs of the top health plan, health system, life sciences and government organizations. Forum Partner CEOs or senior executives participate in Roundtable and Work Groups that meet multiple times a year, influencing and building consensus on best practices around major issues facing health care.

Industry Leadership
Position your organization as an industry leader at a time of critical change. The multi-year commitment is designed to foster the relationships and bold solutioning that can form the innovative partnerships needed to reframe the health care landscape. Forum Partners shape the way the best practices are shared with the broader industry and translated into public education, creating a halo effect that can grow market share.

As part of the Health Evolution Forum, Partners gain access to the Forum’s aggregated business intelligence data from 200+ major health care organizations as well as proprietary data and research utilized for forecasting and benchmarking data to shape business strategy.

Underwriting opportunities for the Health Evolution Forum are designed as an inclusive experience for partners over a multi-year period. Because of the intimate and exclusive nature of the Forum, opportunities are limited. For more information, fill out the form below.
COVID-19 has intensified the need for CEOs, policymakers and key subject matter experts to align their work shaping more effective and efficient models of care delivery, advancing and deploying next-generation health IT, and striving to achieve a new paradigm of health assurance. By convening the industry’s top leaders in the Forum, Health Evolution is well-positioned in its ability make impactful change during and beyond the current pandemic.
Amy Abernethy, MD, PhD, President, Clinical Research Business, Verily; former Principal Deputy Commissioner, FDA; Forum Founding Leadership Fellow

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