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Five percent of health care users represent half the costs, one percent consume a quarter. Players determined to curb health care’s ever-increasing expenses and effectively manage these high-cost, complex patients desperately need a new strategy. To advance thinking of risk-sharing for complex patients, progressive health care executives put their heads together in the recent Outlook on Risk Sharing for High-Cost, Complex Patients at the 2019 Health Evolution Summit, powered by Landmark Health. Together, the group discussed how their organizations are achieving success with social determinants of health (SDOH), payment models, and data.

The Outlooks brings together leaders from across the industry to strengthen understanding of the art of the possible and how to create value by connecting with customers in new and different ways. Leaders convene and work together to identify which new technology-enabled models are creating value… and more importantly, what is necessary to drive success at scale going forward.

To view the key findings from the 2019 Outlook on Risk-Sharing for High-Cost, Complex Patients, view the report here.

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