Nox Health

Nox Health is a global sleep health leader on a mission to transform the way people sleep all over the world. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and with operations in Reykjavík, Iceland and Denver, Colorado, the company comprises three divisions – Nox Medical, Nox Enterprise, and FusionSleep – all working together to provide more people access to better sleep. More than three million people in 50 countries wake up to a brighter world each year because of Nox Health solutions.

For the last decade Nox has helped the world achieve the essential physical and mental benefits of regular, better sleep, and helped companies and organizations leverage sleep as a critical intervention to close the care gap in chronic disease with happier, healthier employees. At our core is the one-of-a-kind value-based SleepCharge® solution, combining advanced technology, clinical guidelines and human care to evaluate, diagnose and treat sleep-related issues from start to managed, ongoing care. With over a decade of outcomes data demonstrating superior adherence, this unique solution drives down healthcare costs while delivering meaningful health outcomes, helping people adopt better sleep habits through lasting behavior change — transforming their very lives.