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How will the AI-ML revolution help health care leaders transform the industry—especially as it deals the COVID-19 crisis? What are the clinical, ethical, and business implications of artificial intelligence? What are the obstacles preventing widespread adoption?

The AI-ML Health Evolution Virtual Gathering was a chance to hear from the brightest minds in health care AI leadership answer all these questions and discuss much more on the technology’s potential. CEOs and C-Suite leaders from providers, payers, life science companies and other stakeholders shared their insights into AI.

Discussions delved into how AI has becoming increasingly relevant in the age of coronavirus, how different sectors are leveraging AI and ML, the business use cases and outcome metrics of the technology. Leaders also talked about culture change and talent management, as well as how to assess risks and unintended consequences. Candid CEO and C-suite exchanges provided practical lessons and in-depth, actionable insights that drive toward the future of AI-enabled health.

Watch the on-demand recordings from this virtual gathering: