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Leveraging AI to address wasteful spending and transform the U.S. healthcare system

Nick Giannasi | April 13, 2020

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Among the biggest contributors to the high cost of healthcare in the U.S. are the inherent complexities and misaligned financial interests of payers, providers, and patients. Change Healthcare is deploying AI to identify inefficiencies and drive them out of administrative processes.

About the Author

Nick Giannasi, Author

Nick Giannasi is the executive vice president and chief artificial intelligence (AI) officer for Change Healthcare. Prior to joining Change Healthcare, Mr. Giannasi was vice president for life sciences product strategy for the Health Sciences global business unit of the Oracle Corporation. He successfully led product development, including acquisitions and partnerships for Oracle Life Sciences, growing that business significantly during his time with the company. Before joining Oracle, Mr. Giannasi was head of Informatics at GE Healthcare and co-founded a biotech company, Phenocure.