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Kris Joshi, PhD, executive vice president and president of Network Solutions for Change Healthcare, spoke with Health Evolution about the company’s dedication to its culture, the need to collaborate to address health inequities and more.

Below are three highlights from the interview:

On culture

“Our name Change Healthcare was inspired by our desire to drive change not only within the industry, but also within the company itself. To drive that, we are focused on building an agile culture, a culture in which we encourage risk-taking experimentation and learn from our mistakes and move forward quickly.”

On health inequities

“The inequities that exist in our health care system, many of them can be traced back to access, education and trust. All three of those were lacking when we really needed it during the pandemic.”

On the pace of collaboration

“I think if we can keep—and step up—the pace in which companies were willing to collaborate during the pandemic after it’s over, it would do us a lot of good. We should not require a crisis to collaborate effectively. I think that’s a lesson we need to take away from the pandemic because we really need to keep up the pace of collaboration. We need to not only keep up the pace of innovation, but also education into the communities and to do that on an ongoing basis.”