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With the next Summit taking place April 6-8, 2022, in Laguna Niguel, CA, we spoke with new Health Evolution Senior Vice President Rob Lazerow, who develops the content for Health Evolution’s events, about what executives who participate should anticipate this year.  

Lazerow joined Health Evolution after more than 15 years at the Advisory Board, most recently serving as Managing Director, where he led development of research and events for health care executives that spanned a wide range of strategy topics. 

Looking toward the Summit in April, Lazerow discussed how our eight imperatives emerging post-pandemic lay the foundation for discussions that begin at the Summit and continue throughout the year, the work the Forum is undertaking, the expansion to a second hotel and more.  

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How will the 2022 Summit be different than years’ past?  
Thanks for chatting today, Tom, and for welcoming me to the Health Evolution team. From my perspective, it’s critical to stay true to what makes the Summit such an incredible experience each year. So we’ll have plenty of what Summit veterans love—a truly executive gathering, provocative conversations, peer-to-peer dialogue, cross-industry representation, and ample time for networking.  

Above all, we remain committed to convening safely again this year. Similar to the 2021 Summit in August, we’re instituting a strong set of safety precautions that include proof of vaccination, showing a negative test result, simulcasting Main Stage sessions outdoors, and spacing out indoor seating. We’ll continue to refine these measures based on the latest guidance from the CDC, state, and local health departments. 

In terms of what might be different this year, we’ll have even more CEOs of payer, provider, and life science organizations in attendance. And we’re going to spread events across our two hotels – the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel and the Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Resort & Spa – to create a more unified campus experience. The hotels are adjacent and they’re both spectacular properties.   

Leading up to the 2021 Summit, Health Evolution outlined eight imperatives emerging post-pandemic. How do those shape the discussions at the live event?  
The eight imperatives are the foundation for the vast majority of our work with the Health Evolution community. There are certainly other topics we’ll address across 2022, but I expect the Venn diagram between the eight imperatives and discussions at the Summit to be fairly tight. I’d look for two things in the agenda. First, imperatives that we discussed last year but have new manifestations this year. And second, the imperatives we haven’t discussed at the Summit in the depth they deserve. 

Tom Sullivan

Tom Sullivan brings more than two decades in editing and journalism experience to Health Evolution. Sullivan most recently served as Editor-in-Chief at HIMSS, leading Healthcare IT News, Health Finance, MobiHealthNews. Prior to HIMSS Media, Sullivan was News Editor of IDG’s InfoWorld, directing a dozen reporters’ coverage for the weekly print publication and daily website.