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A learning collaborative between payers, providers, and purchasers

In early 2021, the Health Evolution Work Group on Leveraging VBP to Increase Healthcare Value and Resilience developed a unified set of guiding industry principles for value-based care partnerships. Now, this group of CEOs from leading payer, provider, and life science organizations is working together to close knowledge gaps in how advanced value-based payment arrangements impact commercial populations, as well as factors associated with their successful uptake in various markets.

The Value-Based Care Cohort Study plans to:

  • Recruit ten or more combinations of payers, providers, and purchasers willing to commit to common contracting parameters designed by the workgroup;
  • Facilitate the formation of VBP contracts for a 3 – 5 year period in line with study parameters;
  • Analyze total cost of care, access, quality, and experience data from participating organizations;
  • Identify and disseminate insights and best practices based on participant experiences

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