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Since Transcarent announced last week that Glen Tullman has joined as CEO, expanding upon his Executive Chairman role, the startup has been described in myriad ways. Telehealth vendor. Navigator, whatever exactly that might mean. And none other than the ever-vague IT cliché: digital platform.   

Tullman, however, refutes those descriptions explaining, instead, that Transcarent is a consumer experience not altogether unlike Apple’s approach to the iPhone. More on Apple shortly.  

Tullman also explained why executives should have been more receptive to the wake-up call from Haven and what Transcarent intends to achieve that did not happen at Livongowhich merged with Teladoc Health and where he remains on the board of directors 

Transcarent is about experience not the tech 
Were not a navigator. We’re not a telehealth company,” Tullman said. “I think of us like Apple.” 

Citing a statistic that people under 30 only use the specific phone function of mobile devices 18 percent of the time, meaning 82 percent of the time it’s being used the device is not technically even a phone, Tullman said that translates to Apple not exactly being a phone manufacturer.  

Apple designed an experience and that’s what were doing here, Tullman added. “We are going to create an absolutely different kind oexperience that puts the consumer in charge of their health and care and do so by adhering to the principles that have worked with every other consumer industry. 

He said Transcarent will deliver unbiased information, trusted guidance, and easy access to valued care, the third not to be confused with inexpensive care.  

Thats what’s revolutionary,” Tullman said. “We don’t fit in existing boxes because no one has created a great health care experience.  

Which is not to say no one has tried.  

Tom Sullivan

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