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Health Evolution announced The Health Evolution Forum to support year-round in-person and virtual peer-to-peer collaboration between payer, provider, life sciences and technology CEOs.  

To deliver on its mission, Health Evolution is convening top CEOs and respected thought leaders from across industry sectors who are committed to progress through private sector action to improve health.

“Ten years from now, everyone will look back at the beginning of this decade as the time that health care joined the consumer revolution through creative partnerships, crossing boundaries and recognizing that we need to move from sick care to health assurance,” says Steve Klasko, MD, CEO of Jefferson Health and President of Thomas Jefferson University, and a Forum Founding Leadership Fellow. “The Health Evolution Forum will be viewed as the conduit to bring on that transformation, by taking a no-limits approach to combining the traditional health care ecosystem with the disruptors to assure health for people long before they get sick from a pandemic … or anything else.”   

A post-COVID agenda for health care:  goals and principles to guide reform 

Forum Founding Leadership Fellows head influential payer organizations including Anthem, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, Cambia, Cigna, Florida Blue, and Humana. Participating health care providers include top executives at Allina Health, Geisinger, Providence, the University of Pennsylvania, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health. Policymakers include officials from the FDA as well as state health departments.

“Health care providers, payers and life sciences companies are preparing for a new regulated, patient-centered data sharing paradigm as they work to incorporate longitudinal records into their services,” said Aneesh Chopra, President, CareJourney, and a Forum Founding Leadership Fellow. “That will require the deployment of emerging IT platforms for a post-COVID-19 era of digital health that enables interoperability via connected consumer, population health, and care delivery applications.”

To that extent, Health Evolution in July will launch three Roundtables consisting of CEOs, policymakers, key subject matter experts and thought leaders:  

  • New Models of Care Delivery
  • Next Generation IT in Health Care
  • Community Health and Reducing Health Disparities 

“COVID-19 has intensified the need for CEOs, policymakers and key subject matter experts to align their work shaping more effective and efficient models of care delivery, advancing and deploying next-generation health IT, and striving to achieve a new paradigm of health assurance,” said Amy Abernethy, MD, PhD, Principal Deputy Commissioner of the FDA, and a Forum Founding Leadership Fellow. “By convening the industry’s top leaders in the Forum, Health Evolution is well-positioned in its ability to make impactful change during and beyond the current pandemic.” 

The Roundtables will strike a balance between near-term COVID challenges and long-term impact on major issues in the post-pandemic world through professional facilitation and deep subject matter expertise. The groups will develop and widely disseminate recommendations that will make an impact on provider, payer and life sciences CEOs, policymakers and thought leaders collaborating for industry-wide change.

“Our focus on meeting the needs of people and their families has taken on heightened importance as we navigate through this pandemic and into a new era,” says Mark Ganz, CEO of Cambia Health Solutions, and a Forum Founding Leadership Fellow. “We all have the same customers, individuals and their families. We may use different terms to describe them —patients, customers, members — but we share the same goal of serving them well. If we seek ways to unite and integrate to make their health care experience seamless, we serve them best. Health Evolution is uniquely capable of being a catalyst for that to happen, bringing us together so we can demonstrate what is possible when we convene toward a greater good.” 

David Brailer, MD, Founder and Executive Chairman of Health Evolution explains that the Forum’s strategy is not to advocate for federal policy change but for the private sector to take action without the need for sweeping reform and, instead, to avoid it.

“Health Evolution has for more than a decade sought to inspire courageous health care leaders through its revered annual Summit. The Forum will take this further by bringing together top leaders for year-round virtual collaboration on the major issues facing the industry,” Brailer adds. “Addressing the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the later opportunities to rebuild health care into a more modern and resilient industry will be the Forum’s work for years to come.”   

Learn more about the Health Evolution Forum.  

Tom Sullivan

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