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New data from The Chartis Center for Rural Health is not good news for rural health care providers. According to the Chartis researchers, 120 rural hospitals closed from 2010 to 2019. The highest number of closures happened in 2019, with a record-setting 19 closures. It could get even worse in the 2020s. The Chartis Center for Rural Health developed a multilevel logistic regression model that identified out of the nation’s 1,844 open rural facilities, 453 are vulnerable and in danger of closing.

“When these hospitals close, there is obviously no care in the communities. But also what you see over time, and what has been proven by several studies, is you’ll see the community dry up,” Mitchell Clark, President of Cerner’s CommunityWorks, which is a sect of the Kansas City-based health IT giant that is geared toward working with rural providers, told Health Evolution in 2019.

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