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2017 CEO Briefing Room ReportEvery day, the retail market selects winners and losers based on a single criterium – how well are they serving the consumer? Retailers make it their mission to win over consumers in the face of complex challenges of evolving consumer expectations and a rapidly transforming market landscape. Winners are those who adapt to navigate the next big challenge.

In the 2018 CEO Briefing Room, Health Evolution in collaboration with Oliver Wyman, brought together a select group of innovative CEOs from prominent payer, provider and life science organizations to examine how lessons from the retail industry could be applied in transforming health care today. Bill Simon, formerly of Walmart U.S., joined health care CEOs to share consumer insights from the retail industry that are particularly relevant as we forge the future of health – and the need for our industry to adapt in the face of retail disruption.  

To view the key findings from the 2018 CEO Briefing Room.

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