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2019 CEO Briefing Room ReportAI is Changing the Landscape
After decades of being considered futuristic, artificial intelligence (AI) is getting real in health care for customer experience, care management and cost competencies, among other use cases. Smart payers, providers, and life sciences organizations, in fact, are looking across industries to learn from companies that have already implemented AI to reap impressive results.

In the 2019 CEO Briefing Room, Health Evolution, in collaboration with Oliver Wyman, brought together innovative CEOs from prominent payer and provider organizations to discuss how AI is transforming health care and to learn from the experience of Ash Gupta, former President of Global Credit Risk and Information Management at American Express. Together, Briefing Room members dove into a candid and energetic discussion about how AI is changing the health care landscape, the major shifts propelling exponential growth in data analysis and processing capabilities, and successful strategies for undertaking AI initiatives.

To view the key findings from the 2019 CEO Briefing Room, view the report here.

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