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Media Guidelines

By December 15, 2016No Comments

Guidelines for Health Evolution Media

Health Evolution encourages the sharing of community wisdom on our website. However, if you are interested in using HE media, the following conditions apply:

  • Permission: You must seek permission to use HE media. Please contact to discuss your interest.
  • Attribution: You must explicitly reference Health Evolution as the original source of the materials. The HE logo within the video and the opening and closing HE attributions should remain untouched and unedited.
  • Non-Derivative: HE media cannot be altered in any way. This means HE media cannot be edited, remixed, cut, shortened, have added overlays or altered in any way.
  • Non-Commercial: HE media (or any part of it) cannot be used for commercial purposes. If you wish to create HE-branded content, an agreement with HE is required. Please contact to explore the opportunity.
  • Modifications: These conditions can be modified only by explicit permission of Health Evolution Services LLC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is HE media copyrighted?
Yes, HE media is copyrighted and remains undivided with Health Evolution Services LLC.

Can I repost or republish HE media on my site?
No. You can, however, include a link to the HE media pages on the HE website.

Can I show HE media within my company or to a group of people?
Yes, as long as it’s within the scope of a non-commercial event, and as long as you comply with the guidelines outlined above.

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