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The following articles were the most popular with our readers during March, 2021. And we also share what to expect at the upcoming Health Evolution Virtual Confab 2021, we highlight what’s new in our Innovation Lab and include relevant CEO reports. 

1. Working Guide for CEOs: Increasing vaccine uptake in diverse communities 
Although data around vaccine distribution in America is sorely limited and scattered, one pattern is becoming increasingly clear – those who have been affected by COVID-19 the most are getting vaccinated the least. Based on early data, Black and Hispanic Americans are being vaccinated at approximately half and one-third the rate of white Americans respectively, even after controlling for the demographic makeup of health care workers. This guide offers CEOs 10 steps to increase vaccine confidence and accessibility in the diverse communities they serve. Read more.  

2. Can community health workers and empathy improve inequity and reduce disparities? 
In part two of our series on the future of the health care workforce, we examine the potential role that community health workers—and the valuable skill of empathy—can play in reducing health inequities, both during COVID and beyond. “I think there’s a bias in health care where we hire based on pure technical content and biomedical expertise. There’s a disconnect because those aren’t the factors that drive the bulk of health,” says Shreya Kangovi, MD, founding executive director of the Penn Center for Community Health Workers. Here’s more on the successes and challenges of investing in a community health workforce. Read more. 

3. Glen Tullman on emulating Apple, the wake-up call Haven should have been and life after Livongo 
An interesting twist has happened since Glen Tullman officially became CEO of Transcarent in addition to his role as Executive Chairman: the company has been labeled with terms Tullman says do not adequately describe it. “We’re not a telehealth company,” he says. Instead, Tullman considers the startup to akin to Apple in that it is designing an experience. Tullman explains Transcarent’s “myth-breaking” mission and more.  Read more. 

4. The switch to value-based care is driving unique partnerships 
New partnerships are becoming increasingly common as payer and provider organizations shift toward value-based care thanks to the financial ramifications of COVID-19. One such arrangement is between Monogram Health, a kidney care management vendor and Humana, a national insurer looking to drive improvements among a troubled patient population. The two formed a kidney care clinic to engage Humana members before they need dialysis. Here’s how it’s worked out thus far. Read more.  

5. How CEOs are breaking down barriers to increase vaccine accessibility and uptake 
Chief executives are uniquely positioned to influence vaccine perception, distribution and equity in the communities their organizations serve. Health Evolution Forum examines what CEOs have learned thus far. “Utilizing an equity lens means we must be very intentional about stratifying quality data to ensure no community is being left behind and disparities aren’t being perpetuated,” says Tosan Boyo, Senior Vice President of Hospital Operations, John Muir Health. Read more. 

Upcoming virtual event 
Health Evolution Confab 2021: Catalyzing diversity, connecting with communities, advancing equity 
Health Evolution’s virtual Confab 2021 will convene leaders to address challenging issues such as creating a culture of diversity and tolerance, charting a path forward and leading with compassion. Apply to attend. 

Inside the Innovation Lab  
Innovator CEO profile: Signify Health’s Kyle Armbrester 
In this Innovation Lab interview series, Armbrester discusses the Company’s reach into nearly 1.5 million homes, having an annual R&D budget of $100 million, what he’s expecting in 2021, and more. Read more. Read more. 

CEO Reports 
CEO Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Health Care 
How to navigate the unknown capability of AI as well as the disruption, challenges and opportunities.  
Innovation Guide: Returning to the Next Normal  
A three-part series sharing Providence Digital Innovation Group’s experience to inform strategic development for battling COVID-19 and moving into the digital future.