Optum: Impact Report & CEO Profile

New care model spreads across the country — keeping high-risk patients healthier at home

CEO takeaways:
• Patients prefer receiving care in the home. Higher satisfaction levels, increased engagement and improved outcomes provide the clinical rationale for reimagining in-home care models.

• Value-based arrangements can and should stimulate breakthrough care models. Landmark’s in-home primary care is an example of a new risk-sharing model that is proven to meet the needs of complex and polychronic patient populations.

• By extending integrated, data-driven, preventative services into the home, health plans can immediately bend the cost curve for high-need, high-cost populations.

Innovator CEO Profile

Health Evolution interviewed OptumHealth CEO Wyatt Decker, MD, MBA about Optum’s plans for the near future, how the enterprise is positioning itself for the next generation of health care, supporting physicians and patients alike, the need for health care to transform itself and more.


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