Innovator CEO Profile: Enlace Health’s Bill Nordmark

Health Evolution | January 14, 2022

Bill Nordmark joined Enlace Health in 2017 as Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer and in 2019 assumed the lead as CEO.  

Prior to Enlace Health, Nordmark served as Chief Growth Officer of PaySpan, where he gained experience in developing innovative reimbursement systems and growing early-stage companies. Before PaySpan, Nordmark also held leadership roles at Washington Publishing Company and Clearwave Corporation. Additionally, he has been involved with the ALS Association Georgia Chapter—including serving as the Chairman of its Board of Directors.  

Health Evolution interviewed Nordmark about how Enlace is working to evolve health care from its current state as a chaotic environment into a more consumer-centric industry, what to expect from the company in the next 18-24 months, the accomplishments that make him most proud as CEO, and more.  

What is the inspiration fueling Enlace or its origin story?  

Health care, in its current form, is unsustainable. The chaos has driven quality-cost inequities, while simultaneously continuing to increase the cost of care at rates greater than our GDP. The status quo approach to addressing health care’s challenges is layering more complexity on top of already siloed, complex technology systems and processes. We’ve been on a mission to solve health care by applying a different lens, one that finally begins solving health care from the inside-out, and fixes health care at its core. Let’s address the cause and not just the symptoms. Our mission is to evolve health care from its chaotic environment to an orderly infrastructure that enables true, quality-driven health care to be paid for, and consumed, economically and efficiently for all participants. We believe this change starts by connecting all participants, payers, providers, tech partners, and of course, patients in a single, integrated ecosystem that financially rewards quality-driven care models. And our clients are already recognizing the benefits of this evolved approach and ecosystem. 

What should prospective clients expect in the next 18 months? The next 2-3 years?  

Over the next 18 months, we’ll be expanding the Enlace Health technology infrastructure and services to meet the growing demand of our clients. Our team works closely with our clients and continues to gather information regarding the opportunities to support the growing needs in value-based care. The key is to meet each company, payer or provider, where they are in their respective value-based care maturity. Our continuous Design, Analyze, Implement, Administer process will be evident in the quantitative results clients see over the next 18 months. 

Another key asset for clients in the short-term is the addition of the only bolt-on claims management technology that gives companies the ability to develop and execute on risk-bearing programs 

Over the next 2 to 3 years, Enlace will be adding more ways for all participants to seamlessly operate in health care. Consider the interoperability of software ecosystems in other business categories. The power of these ecosystems enables industries to make seismic changes. In 24 to 36 months, our clients and partners will be part of a fully engaged, connected world that enables bold, new payment and delivery models.   

Which accomplishments are you as a CEO and founder most proud of?  

I’m so proud of this team and their talent and impact on our clients, and most importantly their passion for making a real difference in health care. It’s great to hear conversations around the company and hear so many visionary comments. “We know we need to change the archaic, old way of doing health care. Look at what this client was able to accomplish, and we’ve just started.”  

I watch and listen as we’re asked to support more needs of our clients and feel fantastic because there’s always excitement. There’s a great energy within the Enlace culture that you can feel when talking to anyone on the team.  

What is the most difficult challenge you have overcome on the road to success?  

When you are a visionary company with transformative ideas, you face a good bit of headwind. Enlace has been in business since 2010 and has faced many of the same challenges that exist for any early-stage company. We’ve persevered through the difficult early stages and worked together with our investors to stay focused on a meaningful solution in health care.   

What advice would you give to other CEOs and founders? 

These may sound familiar, but these core principles remain the same: “fail fast,” “fail often,” “learn from everything,” and “stay true to your vision.”  

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