Cambia CEO: Healthcare Needs to be Radically Focused on Consumers

Mark Ganz on making consumer needs a company priority and what that means at Cambia.

Key Takeaways: Across the health care industry, companies are working to better address consumer needs and create a better experience. This focus on the customer is pushing for personalized health care experiences, better stewardship of patient data and addressing consumer needs before they arise.

By Michaela Katz

Consumers are increasingly demanding a better health care experience—one that matches the consumer-focused aspects of other industries, notably retail. As such, it is crucial that health systems and plans understand the importance of making consumer-driven changes.

“When I became CEO I couldn’t believe how out of step health care was with all other aspects of my life and the lives of the people we serve,” said Cambia CEO Mark Ganz in an interview at the Health Evolution Summit. “You would think something that was so personal and so important would be the most consumer-focused industry. And yet, it’s the least.”

But what does it mean to be consumer-focused in health care?

There’s not one correct answer. Generally, however, it includes efforts to make health care a better, easier to understand experience for each individual and put the consumer at the center.

“It’s all about personalizing the experience and recognizing that when you talk about populations in healthcare, N equals 1. Or 1 plus the caregivers and family around them,” said Ganz. “People don’t want to be told what to do. They want to be offered options.”

Another big consideration in the push to consumer-focused health care is the use of patient data. Many organizations currently act as if once data is collected patients relinquish control of their data. If anything, the opposite is true.

“We are stewards of their data and everything we do needs to be built around how does that data flow to them and with them when they go on their journey,” said Ganz.

Ganz added that Cambia is making strides in its efforts to radically focus on the consumer, but its journey isn’t done and, it won’t be done alone, which is why the company partnered with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina earlier this year to improve patient experience.

“There’s an alignment of values and vision and we both want to change the world,” said Ganz. “I think what we can do for consumers together versus what we could do separately is very, very compelling.”

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Mark Ganz

Retired CEO
Cambia Health Solutions, Inc.

Until his recent retirement, Mark Ganz was, for nearly 18 years, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cambia Health Solutions, a total health solutions company dedicated to transforming health care by creating a person-focused and economically sustainable system for individuals and their families. He served at Cambia and it’s predecessors for 29 years holding the position of Chief Legal Officer, Corporate Secretary, Ethics Full bio ›

Eric Grossman

Founder & CEO
NextHealth Technologies

Eric is the CEO and founder of NextHealth. Previously, Eric was the Vice President and General Manager of TriZetto’s Consumerism and Analytics business unit. As Vice President of Enterprise Strategy, Eric formed and managed a committee of 25 health plan executives to shape TriZetto’s operational and strategic direction. As an outcome, he chartered a client-funded, 12-month project to evaluate the analytics market and develop a Full bio ›

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