Optum: Impact Report and CEO Profile

Surgical Management Solutions captures an average of 50% savings for surgical procedures

CEO takeaways:
• Most leaders review surgical cost as a single line item. But significant savings can be identified by taking an in-depth look within each specialty category and examining the costs of each site of service.

• Innovative programs can add on to existing health benefits and offer significant savings without any changes to benefit plan design, customer communication pathways or provider networks.

• Reducing the cost of surgical procedures can save money and help reduce consumer uncertainty and have a positive impact on an employer’s NPS.

Innovator CEO Profile

Health Evolution interviewed OptumHealth CEO Wyatt Decker, MD, MBA about Optum’s plans for the near future, how the enterprise is positioning itself for the next generation of health care, supporting physicians and patients alike, the need for health care to transform itself and more.


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